“Simon's pens are heritage items, beautifully crafted to an extremely high standard. A joy to use and a pleasure to receive, his writing implements will give a lifetime's quality scribing.”

Suzie Simmons, Purton

“Beautifully built, exactly to the agreed specification, at a price that makes high-street name brands look positively overpriced.”

J. Honeyball, Warboys

"In my profession there is a little secret club of fountain-pen geeks. Everyone has a little pouch of their favourites they carry everywhere: Simon's beautiful one-off special pen has pride of place in mine and sparks conversation whenever I use it, even to sign a receipt"

Steve Cassidy, London

“Simon has handcrafted and preserved a piece of Lydiard Park history with his limited edition Walnut pen range. Whilst it was extremely sad to lose our 300 year old walnut tree due to high winds in December 2013, we are very pleased with Simon’s work and how he has ensured the legacy lives on in this way. Each pen has its own unique character and includes original timber so they are really exquisite and true collector’s pieces.”

Ian Sirtees, Swindon Borough Council

“I am so thrilled with the pen you made for me, it is much admired for its craftsmanship and is a delight to use,.thank you . It means a lot to have in my hand every day a connection with a much loved and ancient tree .”

Sue Oxborrow, Swindon

“Beautiful workmanship, an exquisite fountain pen.”

J. Holt, Swindon