We produce four different types of writing instrument, prices depend on the wood used.

Ballpoint - A very practical pen for everyday use that uses an oil based ink, hence no need to cap it. Our ballpoint mechanisms are platinum and gunmetal plated, when coupled with turned and polished wood, they make a beautiful and practical pen. From £52

Rollerball - These use a water based ink, much like a fountain pen, so they need to be capped to prevent them drying out. The bodies are very high quality, the same as our fountain pens and include a Schmidt ceramic roller refill. From £81

Fountain pen - There is nothing quite like writing with a fountain pen, once you have you will not want to go back to anything else. There has been a resurgence of interest in using these and our mechanisms are the very best, rhodium plated with gold highlights and German two-tone iridium tipped nibs. All our fountain pens can use a standard cartridge, but also come with a piston convertor for use with bottled inks. Solid 18ct gold nibs are available. From £84

Pencil - Our mechanical pencils are available in 0.5 or 0.7mm lead widths. From £54

We have also started producing dip pens, if you have a requirement, please get in touch.