Our main product line is, pens. Or, to be more precise, pens and retractable pencils.

Of course pens and pencils are, first and foremost, functional items. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be beautiful too. The writing instruments we produce are a perfect marriage of form and function.

Wood is a material that resonates deep in our souls. It’s warm to the touch, it’s hard wearing and it speaks of the seasons, of the natural world and of quality. It also speaks of a time before mechanization and the advent of plastics. Just as a leather handbag is so much more sensual to use than a vinyl one so using a pen made from hand-turned wood is a more fulfilling experience than holding a plastic Biro. Though we can’t promise it will improve your handwriting we can promise you will love using one of our pens.

Whichever wood you choose for your pen or pen or pencil you can be assured that there is no compromise on quality. Each one is hand-turned so is therefore unique. Coated with twenty layers of acrylic to protect and enhance them, they have the appearance of having been dipped in glass.

Prices start from £52 for a platinum and gunmetal ballpoint in an English hardwood.