Wherever possible we like to work with materials that have a story to tell  - stories such as these:

English Walnut - Not just any walnut – the walnut used by Wiltshire Pens comes from an ancient walnut tree that lived in Swindon’s Lydiard Park, once the estate of the St. John family, the Viscounts of Bolingbroke. Thought to be 300 years old, and one of only five trees of such an age in the entire country, it was sadly destroyed in the storms of 2013. But at least now it lives on in the form of these pens allowing you to hold a piece of this history in your hands.

Here you can see a picture of the tree before it was destroyed in the winter storms of 2013.

Mulberry – this wood comes from another historic tree but this time a living one: the Mulberry tree in the garden of the Richard Jefferies Museum in Swindon. In his day Jefferies was a well-known poet, novelist and nature writer. He wrote a poem about this tree and a copy of it is included with every pen made from this wood.

A pen crafted from this wood has to be the ideal gift for a nature or literature lover.

Reindeer antler - Reindeers naturally shed their antlers every year. We turn this antler into stunning pens and jewellery.

We have some very beautiful Jarrah with an amazing story behind it that we will shortly be making into pens for the fabulous Steam Museum in Swindon.

The Lydiard walnut tree on the day before it was blown over in a storm.

Thanks to Angela Atkinson for the photo